Open Studio Time at Studio E.Y.E.

  • $15.00
    Unit price per 

Open studio is a chance for you to come to Studio E.Y.E. and use the extensive sets of tools, large and small, buy materials and ask questions.  It’s an opportunity for students to work on a project they may be making in one of the ongoing classes or to further explore what you may have learned in one of the short workshops offered at the studio. You will have use of the entire studio with all the tools and machines available and materials for an additional cost.  Students may have to show they know how to use certain tools and machines before they are permitted to work with them.


Some of the tools available include:


  • 2 rolling mills
  • Several torches with soldering stations
  • Hydraulic press with dies and die making materials
  • Stakes for forming including sinusoidal, raising and forging
  • Hand tools galore including specialty hammers, pliers, cutters, forging and forming tools
  • A full range of saws and bench pins
  • A Beverly cutter bench shear for cutting curves and straight 6” bench shear
  • Multiple heavy-duty vices, clamps, bending and forming tools
  • Many more to allow most any sort of jewelry making you might want to pursue


Cost: If you are enrolled in a class or workshop, the cost is $15 per hour and if not enrolled, $20 per hour.


Open studio times:  weekly Thursdays 10:00 am- 1:00 pm with additional open studio times posted each week.  Other times are available by contacting Robert at or by calling at 203- 819-1446


Studio E.Y.E. (Express Yourself Endlessly) is an art workplace dedicated to the idea that personal expression is essential to living the full and abundant life we all deserve.

To this end, the studio is fully equipped with the tools and materials needed to pursue whatever type of jewelry or jewelry related object a student may desire.

Studio E.Y.E. a spacious environment filled with natural light and individual work spaces and a set of tools for each participant. 

Robert (the instructor) has been a teacher from kindergarten to graduate school for more than 30 years and has been making jewelry and sculpture all his life.  You can see his videos and work by googling Robert Dancik.

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