Faux Bone™ General Info

Faux Bone™ is an inert, safe and realistic substitute for bone material. In this tutorial I outline some of the ways to work with Faux Bone™. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning and that you may well discover the next “big thing” in Faux Bone™.


Concrete & Beyond

Solid Expressions™ concrete is a unique artist's material with a wide ranging application in jewelry making, sculpture, mold making and more. This tutorial explains some of the methods and techniques for its use.


Paper Maché & Beyond

Paper maché, as referred to in this tutorial, is shredded paper pulp that combines with a cementitious material, commonly plaster. Combined with other materials, paper maché is a unique alternative modeling material. This tutorial walks you through the basics.


Cold Connections

Cold connections are methods of connecting items with mechanical fixtures that do not require heat. In this tutorial I go over several methods including screws, rivets, tabs and a few other alternatives.


Materials, Processes & Procedures - Random Musings

The following are thoughts, observations, and questions culled from teaching students from kindergarten through graduate school, professional artists in workshops, and working in my studio.


Promoting Narrative in Your Work

These ideas about narrative are neither complete nor in an order or hierarchy of importance or effectiveness. They are just thoughts concerning the nature of stories and storytelling in artwork. Whether worn on the body, hung on a wall, or placed on a pedestal you have the ability to make decisions as to the sort of narrative your work will represent.

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