Jeweled Faux Bone Ring

Jane Salley

I love creating with Faux Bone™ and I’d like to share my latest creation with you. For this ring I used the Faux Bone™ ring blanks. (photo #1).

I like to line out the basic shape I’ll need to execute my design before I cut the segment I will be using. Sanding the Faux Bone™ lightly will allow pencil marks to stay on the surface.
For a ring I like to size the inside diameter first, that way I can be sure the shank of the ring will be thick enough to be strong, then go onto the general shape of the ring. Then cut out the ring shape with a jeweler’s saw fitted with a Faux Bone™ saw blade.

Mark the size and location of the jewel. For this ring I used a crystal Rondelle with a hole large enough to accommodate the micro bolt. Drill a pilot hole with a large bit and then shape and size the hole with a large round burr. When the hole for the jewel is completed, drill a hole from the top of the ring through the center of the hole and into the bottom of the hole, check the fir of the jewel. Use a drill bit that will allow the ...

After the ring is the size, shape, and smoothness desired, it’s time to put texture on the ring. I used a heated piece of deeply etched brass for this.

The quickest and easiest way I have found is to heat it on the burner of my electric stove. If you have a gas stove, use a heavy skillet to heat the brass sheet. Use a piece of aluminum foil to protect the surface of your stove from scratches.

While the brass is on the burner, test the temperature with a scrap of Faux Bone™. When the texture is easily achieved, the temperature is correct. Remove the brass from the burner with pliers and place it on the aluminum foil and press the ring onto the brass using pliers.

Now the ring is ready for the finishing touches. Smooth any rough edges. Apply color if desired. I like to use acrylic paint or alcohol inks. To seal the color I like a little clear nail polish, rubbed in with my finger. Before inserting the jewel into the hole, put a drop of glue in the bottom hole. Insert the jewel, lining the bead hole with the top hoe in the ring. Insert the micro bolt and screw it into the bottom of the hole with the glue.

Jane Salley lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can contact her at and visit her at