Forming Tool

Forming Tool

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The Faux Bone™ forming tool can be used to round over and finish edges of Faux Bone™, remove burrs and nicks from sawing, and shape interior and exterior curves. It is low-tech, friendly and easy to use. The forming tool is what I use to round over the inside of the bracelets and it couldn’t be easier. The instructions for use are in the instruction/potential sheets that come with your order of Faux Bone™ or bracelet blanks.

It is equally useful on other materials including wood, plastics and metal. To use the forming tool on flat sheets or straight-sided shapes, just place the blade on the corner of the edge to be rounded and pull gently toward you.

The forming tool removes a thin coil of material (swarf) as it leaves a smooth, even edge. A bit of fine sanding and the edges are rounded, smooth and finished. The forming tool is easier than a file and faster than just sandpaper.

Just a note that the blade of the tool is meant to pivot around the end of the handle, it’s not broken if it moves.

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