The Poison Ring - with Richard Salley May 6, 2017

$175.00 USD

As you may know, poison rings are traditionally a type of "container", usually hidden under a bezel or gemstone and intended to hold poison or another substance to be used for some dastardly task.  Such discreet - not to mention fashionable - means of hiding fatal potions has inspired countless stories of assassins and jealous spouses having the ultimate revenge.

But the secret of poison rings is that their use to poison people has never really been documented!  These rings, coming from India and the Far East made their way to Europe and elsewhere in the Holy Relic Trade of the middle ages.  Rather than employing these adornments for poisons, they were actually used more as lockets to hold perhaps a lock of hair or the image of a loved one.  In a time rife with robbery, these rings provided the ultimate "safe" for ones most cherished keepsakes.

In this workshop yo will learn to make one of these fabulous rings and see what sort of use you may have for it.......... nefarious or benign.

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