The Poison Ring

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As you probably know, poison rings have a type of container - usually hidden under a bezel or gemstone - that could actually be used to hold poison or another substance.

Such discrete – not to mention fashionable – means of hiding such fatal liquids has inspired countless stories of assassin and jealous spouses having the ultimate revenge.


But the secret of poison rings is that they have never really been documented to be used to actually poison people.  These rings came from India and the Far East by way of the Holy relic trade in the middle ages and these “containers” were used as …… containers.  Often they were used as lockets to hold perhaps a lock of hair or a hand painted picture of a lover or family member.  In a time when robbery way prevalent, these rings provided the ultimate safe for your cherished keepsakes.


Learn to make one of these fabulous rings and see what kind of uses you can find for it… whether nefarious or benign.

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