Faux Bone Bracelet Blanks

Faux Bone Bracelet Blanks

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These bracelet blanks are the same ones used to make all the bracelets you see on my website. They come with a 2 ½” hole which when rounded over with the Faux Bone™ shaping tool or conventional files, leaves a 2 5/8” hole - the standard hole for most bracelets. If you want a little larger opening, just take a bit more off the inside until it fits just like you want it. The bracelet can be finished in any way you choose and it can even be curved or bent by simply heating with an embossing heat gun, holding the bracelet in the form you want and let it cool. If you don’t like the resulting form, just heat it again. It will return to flat and you can try it again… and again and again. 

The blanks come in 1/4" & 1/8" (most of the bracelets on my site are 1/4") and 1/2" 

Faux Bone™ Bracelet Blanks 1/8" - $9.50 each
Faux Bone™ Bracelet Blanks 1/4" - $11.50 each 
Faux Bone™ Bracelet Blanks 1/2" - $17.50 each 

NOTE: Sets of 4 (as pictured) are no longer available

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